New User Specials Worth $1,559*
Honeymoon For Newcomers

30 Days. 30 Missions. Up to $301 in Prizes!

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New User Specials Worth $1,559*

About Bonus

Get rewarded playing poker online with Natural8’s Newcomers Honeymoon Challenge.


Your choice of poker room is the start of a courtship, and we’re offering you a 30-day Honeymoon to immediately strengthen this special relationship. All you need to do is play Texas Holdem Poker and Omaha Poker in order to complete missions.


Show us your affection, and it will be reciprocated, starting on Day 1. Yes, you will have to jump through a few hoops for our attention, but no biggie – these hoops aren’t the biggest ones around. We call this playing online poker with a twist.

Bonus Features

  • To participate in the Newcomers Honeymoon Challenge, players must register by clicking on the "Start Honeymoon" icon in the Natural8 app.
  • Players must register within 7 days of their first login (a day ends on 23:59 UTC-7), or the challenge will expire.
Total Rewards : $301
Successful Missions Rewards
3 4x $0.25 Spin & Gold tickets
5 $2.50
7 5x $1 Spin & Gold tickets
15 T$12.50
20 $20.00
25 T$110
30 $150
* Tickets claimed from rewards will be valid for 1 week.

  • Begin by pressing 'Start Honeymoon' within your Honeymoon page to participate! This should appear as a floating icon when you open the Natural8 app. This icon only appears for the first 7 days from your first login, so don't forget to click or it's never coming back.
  • Receive 1 mission each day, for a total of 30.
  • Get instant Honeymoon rewards based on your success.

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