How to Win BIG at Texas Holdem: Secrets the Professionals Won’t Share

YEEHAW! Everyone holding a hand in a thrilling game of Texas Holdem is an official cowboy, especially if you have the one in a million, mega lucky hand: the Pocket Ace. This guide is for winners only and goes fully in-depth on everything Texas Holdem before you start to gamble. We want you to have fun and win big!

We are gambling veterans and have watched the World Series of Poker for years. We have watched all the professionals and their hands, making our own bets on the sides. Before you reach that level, it is important to know the basics. Be ready to take notes and learn the lingo the pros use and get your head in the game.

The absolute biggest key to winning big at Texas Holdem is to know the game. The professional poker players immediately know if their hand is good or a flop.

Key Terms Cards

Suit Order

The Suit order is from highest to lowest: Spades, Hearts, Diamond, and finally Clubs. This will be important later on.

High Card

Like other poker games, Holdem ranks the cards as follows: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 6. 5, 4, 3, and finally, 2. The lowest card to be dealt is the 2 of Clubs and the highest is the Ace of Spades.

Pocket Ace

Being dealt two Aces by the dealer. Spades and Hearts is the best of the as taught above.


When you are checking your hand and accidentally show other players your cards. This may place you at a severe disadvantage if they know you are bluffing.

Starting the Round


Poker blinds are mandatory wagers that are placed into the pot before the dealer deals any cards. The Big and Little Blinds rotate clockwise each round casino style. This is mandatory in games so there are actual stakes and players are encouraged to not fold immediately.

Big Blind

The Big Blind contributes the call price of the round, which is predetermined before you enter the game.

Little Blind

The Little Blind contributes half of what the Big Blind does.




If no one following the Blinds makes a bet, you can say Check, which means you do not place a bet.


If you choose to raise the stakes, say Open to make the first bet.


If you do not have a good hand or for any other reason, now you may fold. This means to drop out of the hand. You lose all bets you have made, even if you are the Blind.


This means to match the highest bet on the table.


This is to increase the previous high bet.

All In

When a player goes All In, they are betting everything they have. The other players can only Call by betting everything they have. The only option is to Fold.

Betting goes on until everyone Checks, at this point the dealer flips another card. The game goes on like this until players leave the game.



The Flop

The first three cards that are dealt.

The Turn/Fourth Street

The fourth card that is dealt.

The River/Fifth Street

The final card that is dealt.


Poker Hand Rankings

  1. The Royal Flush: This hand is the absolute kingpin. This is when you have the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 and they are all of the same suit. The Suit order is from highest to lowest: Spades, Hearts, Diamond, and finally Clubs. This will be important later on.
  2. The Straight Flush: Similar to the Royal, his cousin involves 5 of the same suit in any ascending/descending order. For example, 2 of hearts, 3 of hearts, 4 of hearts, 5 of hearts, and 6 of hearts.
  3. The Four of a Kind: This one is rare and easy to remember. You need all four of the same cards in every suit, for example, 9 of spades, 9 of hearts, 9 of diamonds, and 9 of clubs. For the 5th card, you need a high card to win.
  4. The Full House: You need three of the same card, and then a pair of the same card. Let’s describe it. A Full House is three 7s and two 3s.
    a. Remember the High Card rule here. If you have the two 3s and the three 7s are in the river, another player can have two 5s. Their full house would be three 7s and two 5s, winning them the round.
  5. The Flush: This one is also easy to remember. You must have five cards of the same suit. Again, having a high card is important in this scenario.
  6. The Straight: Similar to the Straight Flush, the Flush involves five cards that are of any ascending/descending order. However, they can be of any suit, making this a much more commonly seen played result.
  7. The Three of a Kind: This one is similar to the Four of a Kind, where you have three of the same care and two cards that can be anything. As always, High Card wins.
  8. The Two Pair: This hand is self-explanatory, but here is an example: two Kings, 2 3s, and a 9.
  9. The One Pair: Example: two 8s, nothing else. The best thing to have in this situation would be a Pocket Ace.
  10. The High Card: Simply put, there are no other hands from the other players, and whoever has the high card wins.

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